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Creekside Policies and Procedures

General Enquiries

Enquiries by telephone during regular office hours are handled by our receptionists. They may direct your call to one of our college-trained registered animal health technologists or veterinarians, depending upon their availability.

Telephone calls received outside of regular hours are forwarded to our answering service and one of our veterinarians will be contacted in the event of an emergency. Please bear in mind that our veterinarian may be already dealing with an emergency.

Office Visits and Appointments

Office visits and farm calls are generally made by appointment. We understand that emergencies arise during the day and these will be accommodated to the best of our ability. You or your animals may have a preferred veterinarian at Creekside Animal Clinic.

If you wish to see a specific veterinarian, please bring this to the attention of the person booking your appointment. In the event of emergency or unscheduled needs, one of our other veterinarians may be able to provide more immediate care.

Restraint of Animals in the Clinic

All pets must be restrained with a leash or confined to a suitable carrier while at the clinic. This is especially important when taking your pet from your vehicle to the clinic. Frightened animals in unfamiliar surroundings may bolt, or display uncharacteristic behavior towards other animals or people.

Dispensing of Medications

Routine dispensing of all prescription veterinary medications requires a valid veterinarian-animal-client relationship. If you require a refill of medication for your animal, please call ahead of the time you wish to receive it. Our veterinarians must review your animal's file before a refill is dispensed.

In some cases, re-examination, consultation or blood test must be performed to ensure that a refill is appropriate. In the case of production animals, it is important that our veterinarians are familiar with your management and that the intended course of treatment is reasonable.


Creekside Animal Clinic Ltd. is a privately held business. Fees are assessed and due when services are rendered and products dispensed. To avoid misunderstandings, we encourage you to enquire about the cost of our services and products in advance. Estimates may be obtained upon request. Our invoices are fully itemised and represent the cost of our services, products and laboratory fees.

Veterinary services and products in British Columbia are subject to the 12% Harmonised Sales Tax (HST). Creekside Animal Clinic Ltd. welcomes payment of your account with cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Creekside Animal Clinic Ltd. On-line Forms

Creekside Animal Clinic Ltd. will require some basic information from you. This is handled in strict confidence. Filling out paperwork can be a nuisance, especially when there is the added distraction of taking care of your pet in new surroundings. Below you will find our commonly used forms which you may fill out and print in the comfort of your home.

Please bring the completed form(s) when you visit us.

► New Client Information (PDF)

► Pre-Anesthetic Considerations (PDF)

► Pre-Anesthetic Consent Form (PDF)

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